Four Dead People Who Wouldn't Buy Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance can be very valuable for many different kinds of drivers. Whether you're driving cross-country in a rental car, borrowing a friend's vehicle for a few weeks, or traveling to a foreign country, many times you need automotive insurance for only a brief period or under special circumstances. For most of us, temporary car insurance protects us from liability in the short-term and gives us piece of mind. But not everyone. For no reason at all, here are four dead people who I don't think would ever buy temporary car insurance:

Jim Morrison

If you don't know, this guy was the lead singer of The Doors and died in the early seventies from alcoholism. He was pretty much the perfect rock star cliché – living a life of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll before dying early at 27. I don't know for sure, but something tells me that a rebellious rock star who routinely slept on rooftops before he became famous wouldn't be the type to worry about his insurance needs. He was an alcoholic anyway, so he probably shouldn't be driving.

Genghis Khan

The legendary 12th century Mongolian warrior was one of the most feared men who ever lived and was responsible for the death of millions during his reign. Ask yourself, would Genghis Khan carefully study an insurance policy or debate collision vs. theft? Most likely he would conquer the rental counter and use the fleet of cars to rain death on the Midwest or something. My point is that ancient warlords who murder and pillage to get what they want probably aren't the best at assessing personal risk. When the Khan loses something, he probably just takes someone elses.

Benjamin Franklin

Unlike the first two, Mr. Franklin doesn't strike me as the type of person who threw caution to the wind. He's still famous today for his common sense, after all. Unfortunately, he's also known to have been a bit of a cheapskate, so I don't think he'd be willing to shill out the extra cash to make sure be was properly insured. Even if they gave him the hard sell at the rental counter, he'd probably be all “a penny saved is a penny earned” and decline anyway.


I don't know if they had any kind of insurance in Biblical times, but even if they did Moses probably wouldn't have bothered. You see, most people only buy insurance when they think there's the possibility of something going wrong. I would imagine that a guy who spoke directly to God didn't worry too much about bad luck. With Yahweh protecting and guiding him, do you really think Moses would total his friend's car by rear-ending a garbage truck? No chance. The pillar of fire would be all over that, giving him a heads up to keep him safe. I mean, if you could successfully navigate the desert for 40 years without a problem, you wouldn't sweat automotive accidents too much.

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