No deposit car insurance can do strange things ...

Do you remember when I told you about my trip to the zoo, when I fell in the lionís cage and the big cats became my best friends? That was a long time ago, but I thought you might be interested to hear about my recent trip to the aquarium. I went on a Tuesday in December. I purchased a copy of no deposit car insurance before I left. I remember it was cold outside and the trainers that usually perform tricks with the seals were bundled up in fur coats and wouldnít perform their normal acts. They said they would perform again if it warmed up. Since it was snowing at the time, I knew I would never see the seals balance the big red ball on their nose, like they usually do. I pulled out my copy of no deposit car insurance and then put it back in my pocket.

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I wandered through the grounds and stopped to look at each display. I saw a dozen penguins stand perfectly still as I threw frozen sardines in their direction. It must have been too cold to eat. I also watched the dolphins play in their tanks and the stingrays cruise in a shallow pool. I bought a rubber shark and put it in my pocket.

As I passed the exit on my way to the walrus pool, I noticed all the employees were going home and the last one locked the gate behind him. I guessed I would be spending the night at the aquarium. I knew I had all the fish I could eat and if I got real hungry, I could always make a penguin-burger. Penguin burgers arenít that bad: they taste like chicken. Chicken of the Sea. I reached for my copy of no deposit car insurance, realized I didnít need it and put it back in my pocket.

As the sun set behind the cloudy horizon, the temperature really dropped fast. I had to skin a seal to make a jacket and I rubbed its blubber over my face for warmth. The warm blubber felt good against my face, so I rubbed it over my entire body. It smelled a little, but acted like a protective layer against the cold. Unfortunately, the sealís mate also smelled the blubber and mistook me for his wife. The seal ushered me back to ďourĒ den for the night. I canít tell you what happened, but it was terrible and I canít get it out of my mind. The next day, when the trainers returned to work, they lured the seal away from me long enough to make a quick escape. I was free again.

After I went home and washed the blubber off my body and changed clothes, I went out for a bite to eat. As I was eating, your brother stopped at my table and introduced himself. I showed him my no deposit car insurance and then put it back in my pocket.

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